Welcome to the New Year

I am pleased to welcome approximately 5000 students to our schools this year!

It is an exciting time to be a student!  There is so much to learn – and so many ways to learn! In School District 8 we hope to inspire each of our learners and help them explore our world in a variety of different ways, through personal journeys that meet unique learning needs and interests.

Our school district is striving to understand our learners well – and then position our resources to meet each student’s needs.  With the support of parents, caregivers, our community partners, and over 1200 part-time and full-time staff members with exceptional backgrounds, more and more opportunities are being made available for our students.

This is a time of transformation in School District 8.  We are working to position our school system to be a more flexible, responsive organization.  We hope to establish deep connections with our communities, and create a forward-looking culture that will support our learners now and into the future as we assist them over the threshold to a future we haven’t yet imagined.

School District 8 is proud to be a Public Education System.  We welcome all students.  Our locally elected Board of Education provides insight and wisdom, and governs the District.  The Ministry of Education provides leadership and support that helps to guide decisions we make on behalf of our District.

I hope that this year each student experiences his or her best learning year to date!  Once again, welcome!

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